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Why Arabic Workshop?

It’s Truly Immersive

Audio-visual content brings listening to life.

Feel as if you are in the moment and hear stories unfold, right from level 1.

It’s Engaging

Whiteboard animations and a smart vocabulary builder employing talking transcripts: methods proven in studies to improve engagement, memory, recall and retention.

It’s Fantastic Value

Spend less than the price of a coffee a week for an experience you are unlikely to get anywhere else, even if you travelled through the Arab world.

It’s Brilliant for Learners

Our levels break down the common frameworks (CEFR and ACTFL) into smaller steps, to make progress easier with lots of practice at each level.

The spiral curriculum provides lots of varied and graded repetition, great for deep learning of concepts and vocabulary, while avoiding rote learning and superficial repetition.

It’s Excellent for Teachers

With plenty of content to blend into your teaching sessions, allocate as homework or use for listening exam practice, Arabic Workshop has you covered.

Filter content by topics, which include the themes of the GCSE syllabus.

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Why Is Listening so Important?

السّمعُ أبو المَلَكاتِ اللّسانيّة

“Listening is the father of linguistic skills”

Regarding the Sciences of the Arabic Tongue,
Ibn Khaldun (14th Century CE)

Arabic Workshop in Numbers



Units Built

and counting

Unique Features

HD quality video and audio content

Delivered by great voice actors, our first release employs whiteboard animation and a series of podcasts.

Intelligent Vocabulary Building

Building your vocabulary is at the core of acquiring a new language.  The Talking Transcript integrating a dictionary function exposes the learner to words in a systematic way to maximise memory retention through context.

Personalised Learning Pathways

All features are integrated to create a unique pathway of relevant and engaging content for every user.

Contextual Learning

Real-life and current scenarios are brought to life by native voices.

Content is created with different types of listening skills in mind to give a rounded experience.

CEFR and ACTFL Framework Mapping.  GCSE Themes

All units and levels are mapped to CEFR and ACTFL levels.  Our short term goals are to map popular syllabuses, such as the Madinah Course.


GCSE Themes also feature on unit pages.

What they are saying about Arabic Workshop

“I’ve had an amazing experience with this app and I’ve never come across anything like it!”

Arabic language learner
London, UK

“One of the great resources for students of the Arabic Language.”

Alamin Ahmed
Arabic language learner

I love it! It is a series of videos/audios, categorized by level. For each one of them, there is a vocab builder, which is the transcript but if you click on a word or an expression, you see the meaning so you won’t get stuck or feel frustrated if you don’t understand something. You can also hear it while reading and it highlights the part of the transcript that is sounding at the moment.
I love it because:
1. It allows me to learn by listening and understand by watching with the help of the vocab builder mentioned above when I need it.
2. It is sorted by level, both in the kind of vocabulary, the length of it, and the speed of the conversation. So I can go where I feel comfortable and grow at the speed I feel comfortable.
3. It is also fun.

Polyglot and early adopter
Barcelona, Spain

“Wonderful idea and good effort”

Dr Amr Mukhtar
Expert at AUC School of Continuing Education (SCE)
Cairo, Egypt

“This project achieves saleeqah [atmosphere]…”

“..this project is wonderful and I’m very impressed with the idea.”

Dr Ayman Ameen AbdelGhani
PhD in Linguistics
Author, النحو الكافي

This wonderful new site fills a huge gap in teaching materials available for listening and speaking skills. Aspects I particularly liked included 1) the wide range of topics that covers the learner’s interests; 2) good use of technology- animations help the learner to remain attentive and engaged till the end of the video, wondering what is going to be drawn. This makes the student ask questions that make the educational process very productive, where the student uses analysis rather than just passively receiving information; and 3) how the vocabulary is organised into a database as a distinct pedagogical method, so the learner can recall most of the words later.

Mahammed Bouabdallah, Lecturer in Arabic
Researcher in Arabic and Islamic Studies
University of Westminster School of Humanities, London, UK

“The idea is excellent, the videos, the vocabulary and the topics”

“Voices are of excellent quality”

“The levels are well organised with clear, gradual progress”

Ustaadh Badawi Zidan
Teacher of Arabic to non-native speakers and Certified Coach
Co-author, Approximating the European Framework of Reference for Language

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